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Latest Additions

Southern Pacific ran a mail train on its coast route that was affectionately referred to as 'Sad Sam'.  The Coach Yard has delivered a variety of baggage cars and sets for this train and other mail and express service.  The sets have sold out, but we still have a variety of the baggage cars in stock.


Needing improved performance from their H-7 class Mikados, New York Central and Lima, in 1922, created the H-10 class engines.  A larger firebox grate, a feedwater heater, larger cylinders, lightweight rods, and a booster created an engine that could both out-pull and out-run the H-7.  Division Point has used the latest in production techniques to produce its own version of superior H-10 2-8-2s.


Another favorite in the world of streamlined steam are the Dreyfuss designed J-3a engines.  Now in from Precision Scale, these epitomized the heights of class and style in passenger motive power. (11/26/11)


What's New


Union Terminal will be setting final numbers soon for their EMD E unit project.  Please check the list and make sure that you have your request in soon.


There are 2 new project announcements from Precision Scale:

  • Milw Road EF and EP Boxcabs - The list of models for this project is quite extensive.  Milw Road had a number of these units and ran them in a variety of groupings.  The model listings provide for all of the major classes as original model sets.  There are also a number of individual units that can be purchased and numbered for you to create a specific electric set that suits your needs.
  • SP Leslie Rotary Snow plows


A little horse trading has brought into our inventory some unused models from very recent productions:


Here is large power for the west coast - several DD40AX units along with a DD35 A/B set.  NOTE:  The few pieces left have been re-priced to move quickly.


For those who model north of the border, here is a small set of cabooses.  Most are recent Overland pieces with little to no run time.



Part of the fun in models is understanding the construction.  This also applies to the real world.  It is fascinating and a good lesson to see how the prototype rail industry controls and builds its environment.  Here is an example of trackwork in the urban environment of San...
When you have been a railroad hobbiest for some time, you accumulate quite a bit of material.  Stacks of kits, modeling supplies and tools are supplemented with sets of research materials such as books and magazines.  Eventually it is time to clean up the shop, reorganize, and move along those...
Union Pacific Railroad has embarked on an exciting new project that will bring back to life one of the classics of the steam powered era.  Boy Boy engine #4014 has been put on the path to full operation.  This will be a lengthy process, but one to be relished by railroad afficianados....