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Latest Additions

Now available from The Coach Yard are a series of heavyweight based business cars.  The first group is a secondary run of Santa Fe cars, these are follow up to a first phase delivered last year.  The second group contains cars for Southern Pacific.  The SP cars cover several different operating eras, from the 1950s to the 1980s.


We now have in hand 2-6-6-6 Allegheny steam engines for C&O and VGN.  These state of the art pieces from Precision Scale continue the work of Boo-Rim in producing new works of art.  The latest drive train machining and Swiss motor design provide a solid machine to carry an extensive array of refinements:

  • Lights for: marker lamps, number boards, cab interior, headlight, backup, coal bunker, water deck, ditch lights
  • Extensive details including complete cab interior, cab curtains and full brake rigging
  • Working details: sliding roof hatch, turret cover, tender water hatches, stoker door, cab windows
  • Display switch - will turn the motor off, so you can display the engine on track, apply power to show the lights, but hav the engine remain stationary

After several years of delays, and a change in builders, Division Point has produced the first part of the F-M C Liner diesels.  This first batch includes models for NH, Milw and PRR.    The second batch is probably another 3 to 6 months away.  This grouping will cover CN, CP, Demos, LIRR and NYC.


What's New

Precision Scale has provided some production sample images of the Frisco semi-streamlined Hudson engines.   These 4-6-4 models will be arriving soon, with several versions still available.  These are unique examples of the approach railroads were taking to update their image, a 1930s attempt to present a more stylish and sophisticated approach to the traveling needs of their customers.


The Coach Yard is planning a production of the Southern Pacific Lightweight Sunset Limited train from the 1950s.   They have recently updated the project and there are now 2 versions of the train for 1951 and 1956.  There are some paint and detail differences, including different diaphragms.   Please check the listings and let use know if you have a specific preference.


Precision Scale has been working on Milwaukee Road Streamlined G6ps 4-6-0 engines.  They set out some pre-production photos for your review.  This project is scheduled to only have 65 pieces, so these will be a bit rare.  Please contact us if you would like to obtain one of these exquisite models.

Based on additional customer interest, it is possible that a third version of the streamlined G6ps could be built.  The engine was originally delivered with no cab rails or step and had no Indian logo on the tender.  Later the Indian logo, rails, step were added. Both of these versions had the full skirting.   Please contact us soon with your preferences.



BPL was offered a small set of N scale steam engines.  These Southern Pacific and Union Pacific 2-8-0s are in...


A little horse trading has brought into our inventory some unused models from very recent productions:


For those who model north of the border, here is a small set of cabooses.  Most are recent Overland pieces with little to no run time.



Here is another view of steam locomotive construction.  From the youtube website listing: Power to Order - Engineering and manufacturing steam locomotives at the Doncaster works in Britain in 1940s. With LMS 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive seen and used in WW2. Foundry forging in action. It...
Inside of New York City's Grand Central Terminal is a secret basement.  While virtually unknown, it serves an important and vital function.    
Part of the fun in models is understanding the construction.  This also applies to the real world.  It is fascinating and a good lesson to see how the prototype rail industry controls and builds its environment.  Here is an example of trackwork in the urban environment of San...