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Latest Additions

Arriving soon from The Coach Yard are the following two projects:

Both projects will be delivered as full sets, an add-on set, and a variety of individual cars.  The full trains will have a combination of lightweight and heavyweight cars.  The pickup notices have been received, so we hope to have these in hand in the next few weeks.



North Bank Lines has delivered the GN O-1 steam engines,  They have been well received.  We still have in stock an auxiliary tender and a Green boiler special version.

As previously reported, NBL has canceled all of the outstanding, previously announced projects.  If you had reservations with BPL, those have been removed.  North Bank has indicated they are considering a new project of steel cabooses for BN, NP and SP&S.  we will post follow up information as it becomes available.



Union Terminal has delivered the latest production batch of EMD E7-E9 diesel engines in HO scale. These latest groupings include engines from Southern Pacific and Burlington Northern.   Due to a late cancelation, we have several of each of these prototypes still available.


What's New

Union Terminal Imports has released listings for 2 new projects as follows:

SP 'Slim Princess' equipment for HOn3. Coveringh SP narrow guage in the 1950s, this project will cover multiple types of equipment - steam, diesel, various rolling stock and cabooses.

NS Heritage Diesels - UTI will be working with the Marsh family to bring these 21 beautiful modern diesels to market.  Also available will be a special full set model to be delivered with a customer display case. 


Division Point has provided an updated list for the next run of Alco RS Diesels project.  There are some adjustments, additions and model number changes.  They are moving quickly to production, so please review the listings and let us know of there is anything which you would like to get on reserve.


Union Terminal has sent out an announcement list for the SP DH643 Diesel - Hydraulics project.  The models planned will cover several timeframes, from original delivery through initial modification to final renumbering.  Also included will be a special 3 unit set with a bonus NYC research car.



We have finalized a trade for a select O scale collection.  Included are some very fine recently produced models as well as some popular prototype pieces.   This includes a UP Big Boy steam engine by Key Imports and a full (engine and cars) N&W Powhatan...


This small collection is for Reading and D&H fans - a few Century diesels, an SD45, and one steam engine.  ...


An existing collection has become new again. This varied group of models has expanded - one users retirement is now your opportunity.  Over 20 roads are available in this excellent collection, along with some generic pieces applicable to many roads.




Here is another view of steam locomotive construction.  From the youtube website listing: Power to Order - Engineering and manufacturing steam locomotives at the Doncaster works in Britain in 1940s. With LMS 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive seen and used in WW2. Foundry forging in action. It...
Inside of New York City's Grand Central Terminal is a secret basement.  While virtually unknown, it serves an important and vital function.    
Part of the fun in models is understanding the construction.  This also applies to the real world.  It is fascinating and a good lesson to see how the prototype rail industry controls and builds its environment.  Here is an example of trackwork in the urban environment of San...