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Latest Additions

Another favorite in the world of streamlined steam are the Dreyfuss designed J-3a engines.  Now in from Precision Scale, these epitomized the heights of class and style in passenger motive power. (11/26/11)


BPL has worked out availability on additional coaches and business cars for SP&S and some of the  2-8-0 steam engines for NP and SP&S - both produced by North Bank Lines. Check the listings for specific models.


Deliveries from Precision Scale continue with the next steam engine project, the Frisco Firefly 4-6-2 engines in HO scale. Models have been out since the end of April.  We are sold out of the glossy paint scheme units, but can still provide the standard paint versions. PSC also has plans to produce a small Firefly passenger car set (production not yet determined.)


What's New

There are 2 new project announcements from Precision Scale:

  • Milw Road EF and EP Boxcabs - The list of models for this project is quite extensive.  Milw Road had a number of these units and ran them in a variety of groupings.  The model listings provide for all of the major classes as original model sets.  There are also a number of individual units that can be purchased and numbered for you to create a specific electric set that suits your needs.
  • SP Leslie Rotary Snow plows

The streamlined Lehigh Valley Pacifics are in final production.  Precision Scale will have them available within weeks with versions for both the John Wilkes and the Black Diamond. 


Here are some upcoming product deliveries and highlights from The Coach Yard:

  • SP's mail train, known it as "Sad Sam", is due in April 2014.  TCY has just finished the inspection at the production facility in Korea.  Cars are being boxed and getting ready for shipping to the USA.
  • The SP Official cars and the Santa Fe HW Business cars are now scheduled for July 2014.  This run will include a number of 1980's SP "Official Cars"
  • Attn: Pennsy Fans -  The PRR P70 series Coaches are due in 2014.  These has been a addition to the listings for PRSL
  • Santa Fe Fans - The AT&SF Express Box car listing has been expanded, adding the SF Green  cars with slogans.   These will be produced in the Grand Canyon project, which will be ready for delivery in 2015.  See also these Pullman cars
  • TCY has also had pilot model reviews for:
    • Early 2-8-8-2 steam engines for N&W, OR&N, SP and UP
    • SAL-Orange Blossom Special
    • Treasure Island Special [also called  Golden Gate Exposition Special 1938-39]


And now for something completely different...   In a bit of a left turn for us, and to help a friend, BPL is happy to provide a small collection of plastic motive power.  These pieces are of recent vintage, so the detail level is very good.  Some of them...


Over the holidays we were able to acquire a nice set of 'earlier' models - PFM, Tenshodo, Trains Inc., etc...   These had been sitting in storage for over 20 years as the original owner had passed away some time ago.  Most of the engines needed a bit of...


Available here is a collection of UP business train cars.  These were produced by Overland Models as part of a large project to provide a set of modern passenger equipment.  The package includes several domes cars, several...



Precision Scale has been producing some of the finest models available.  One of the places they have focused on is streamlined steam engines.  In that category, they brought out what is clearly the best edition of the Santa Fe Blue Goose.  While the development and production are top...
We have a quick bonus item available.  Any new purchase (not a reserved or previously held item) over $500 made before April 15th will be eligible for a drawing for a Rekrow butane torch plus one refill tube of butane fuel.  This unit is previously owned, but is in its unopened package.  This is...
A collection of older pieces was recently added to the inventory.   This group of models was obtained from a widow (with the help of her son).   It turns out that the husband had passed away over 20 years ago.  This man built his collection to contain representative pieces.  His focus was one...