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TJE O Scale 2017 Summer


We have finalized a trade for a select O scale collection.  Included are some very fine recently produced models as well as some popular prototype pieces.   This includes a UP Big Boy steam engine by Key Imports and a full (engine and cars) N&W Powhatan Arrow train produced by Overland Models.


G.B. Consignments 2015-Dec


This small collection is for Reading and D&H fans - a few Century diesels, an SD45, and one steam engine.  These are a very nice value at attractive prices.


B.D. Collection - New Additions 2015-Dec


An existing collection has become new again. This varied group of models has expanded - one users retirement is now your opportunity.  Over 20 roads are available in this excellent collection, along with some generic pieces applicable to many roads.

Due to the size, is may take some time to get pictures of all the models.  If there is something specific you would like to see, let us know and we will work on that for you!


J.B. Purchase


For big power fans, BPL has purchased a collection of late model EMD and GE power.  SD70s, AC44s and two SD80MACs are amoung the prime units available here.  As you would expect, it is a horse race for BN / BNSF and Union Pacific fans - but don't miss Conrail and NS as well.


M.W. Purchase


BPL was offered a small set of N scale steam engines.  These Southern Pacific and Union Pacific 2-8-0s are in excellent shape, run well, and are now available for you.


Misc Collection 2014-06


A little horse trading has brought into our inventory some unused models from very recent productions:


CN / CP / CV Cabooses


For those who model north of the border, here is a small set of cabooses.  Most are recent Overland pieces with little to no run time.


C.M. Collection


Here is large power for the west coast - several DD40AX units along with a DD35 A/B set.  NOTE:  The few pieces left have been re-priced to move quickly.


R.Y. Collection (Plastic)


And now for something completely different...   In a bit of a left turn for us, and to help a friend, BPL is happy to provide a small collection of plastic motive power.  These pieces are of recent vintage, so the detail level is very good.  Some of them come with DCC, some with sound, and some with both.  I have also been informed that they are all TRO (test run only).


Classics from PFM


Over the holidays we were able to acquire a nice set of 'earlier' models - PFM, Tenshodo, Trains Inc., etc...   These had been sitting in storage for over 20 years as the original owner had passed away some time ago.  Most of the engines needed a bit of tuning and lubrication, but most are running fine.  We have received some great input on the models, so please check the listings carefully.