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Collection 2023 March with sale items


Collection - 2023-Mar:  This end of winter set of items includes a few unused recent items and a few items we have discounted to move   Roads include: GN, CMStP&P (Milw Road), SP, and UP.


VP Collection 2022-Sep


New Pricing! 12/8/2022

Collection - 2022-Sep:  A very special group of models, including a very rare W&R Timken 4-8-4.   Roads include: B&O, C&NW, CRI&P, D&RGW, DM&IR, GN, CMStP&P (Milw Road), RF&P, SL&SF (Frisco), SRR, UP.


VP Collection 2021-Nov


Collection - 211106:  A small group of HO models: several steam engines, two diesel sets and some classic pullman sleepers.   Roads include: B&O, KCS, PRR, RF&P, SL&SF (Frisco), SRR.


TJE Collection 2021 June


Here is another small collection for your inspection.   Mostly HO models with a fun O scale steamer.  A bit more eclectic grouping for you.


Kurzenski, Ed Purchase 2021 May


This month has brought another fine collection of HO models.  Included in this gathering are several late model engines, a group of fine passenger cars and a surprise piece of maintenance of way equipment.


RWC - CB&Q Train of the Gods


New in the shop is this collection of HO models.  This has several excellent steam engines and a small trains work of Burlington stock cars from Challenger Imports.


BD Collection 2020 Nov


A very good friend and brass collector passed away a few months ago.  We have sold a number of his models over the past few years.   To help move things along, and with his wife's permission, we have been provided a good amount of flexibility in trying to sell the items in this group of HO models.  If there are any pieces that interest you, please contact us and we will work to find a way to make your purchase a successful one.


RS Collection 2020 May


NOTE:  All Items SOLD OUT   We have received an additional group of HO models from our client who provided the previous HO collection of models.   This new set is mostly SP passenger cars: chair, baggage, RPO, horse...  There are also 2 pieces of motive power, an SP 4-8-2 and a beautiful late model production WP F3 ABB diesel set.   These are all recently produced items with a very high level of fit and finish.  All appear to be new in the box.


RS Collection 2020 Feb


BPL has just entered a nice HO Collection of models.   This group covers a variety of areas but are all of recent production with the highest level of detail.  All appear to be new in the box.  Set includes diesels, cabooses and business cars.


IC E units - O Scale 2019-Oct


Union Terminal will soon delivery EMD E units for IC in HO scale.   Perhaps you are looking for something a little bit bigger.   Don't let these O Scale models get away from you  All units are in new condition as direct from KMI.  These have been very difficult to find on the market, so don't miss your opportunity.