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Conignment 20240401


Collection - 2024-April

For April - diesels, steam and a nice set of passenger cars - including some O scale pieces.   Great variety this month with pieces for AT&SF, B&O, CN, C&NW, CB&Q, CRI&P, BNSF, B&M, Milw, NP, NS, NYC, PRR, SP&S, SRR, UP.


Consignments 20240301


Collection - 2024-March

Update 3/26 - A few additions for the end of the month.   Added several exquisite steam engines and a very nice set of NP passengers are from W&R.   Starting with items for DM&IR, CB&Q, SP, UP including a unique 'Sam Houston' train done by Eagle Imports and a series of the UP Budd 10-6 sleepers done by Overland Models.


Consignments 20240201


Collection - 2024-February

Update 2/9:  Added a new collection of 25+ pieces - steam, diesels, business cars, cabooses for CB&Q, CGW, GN, Milw, NP, SP, and UP


Milw Chippewa Hiawatha


Newly available is a rare Milw Road - Chippewa Hiawatha 8 car train.  Very rare to find as a set including a unique Beaver Tail observation car.   Models are new from original Railway Classics prodction.


Consignments 20231101


Collection - 2023-November:  This month starts with a full, new group.  Feel free to make an offer...  Pieces for: IC, Milw, NP, UP


Consignments 20231001


Collection - 2023-October (Update 10/22):  Addition of a unique, complete set of NP North Coast Limited cars from Oriental - difficult to find this complete package.  We start October with several pieces that have just come in the door.  Pieces for: IC, Milw, NP, UP


Consignments 20230901


Collection - 2023-September (update 9/20):  Just in - 2 GN business cars from NBL 1st project, very hard to find.  There are several cabooses for you, both HO and O scales.  Plus we have also included a rare Abraham Lincoln funeral train: BN, Chessie, D&RGW, GN, NP, SP


Consignments 20230801


Collection - 2023-August (update 8/24):  Starting with a small collection of HO and O scale items, including difficult to find LW Prospector set. Models for: C&NW, C&O, D&RGW, GN, Milw Road, PRR


Consignments 20230601


Collection - 2023-June: (updates 6/27)  Some rare HO steam engines and added several N and O scale cabooses.   Items for: CRI&P, CSX, NH, Milw Road, SP, UP


20230501 Collection


New Additions 5/14 - Collection - 2023-May: Late model diesels and some Coach Yard passenger cars - with an exceptionally rare C&O articulated engine from Challenger Imports.  Items for AT&SF, B&O, BN, C&O, CP, GN, NH, SP and UP