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Important for you to note: We are more than happy to match any competitors pricing on any model (except for models sold below cost), whether in stock or available from an importer.


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Products:  BPL is a purveyor of fine scale railroad models, constructed in brass, in HO, O and N scales, with a primary focus on HO scale and specifically focused on railroads of the United States.  We are currently working with all of the major importers in the US market with our goal to provide the best service in helping a customer obtain a model that fits their needs, even if it must come from a source other than BPL.

Pricing:  Prices for models are set up on a system to help the customer obtain the best value possible.  Models which have not yet been constructed may be reserved by the customer.  Prices for reservation models are set based on the estimated cost provided by the importer and are set low to pass on a cost saving to the customer.  Payment for models priced on a reservation basis are to be paid in a cash form, such as personal checks, cashier's checks or money orders.  Credit cards can be used for payment, but require a surcharge (see the Payment section below).  Models that are currently available, whether in stock or in the importers inventory, will be priced the same for any payment form including credit cards.
NOTE(1): On occasion, the final, delivered cost for model in a project is higher than originally quoted by the importer.  The final price for a reservation order will be based on the final cost from the importer, regardless of any intermediate estimates.
NOTE(2): We are more than happy to match any competitors pricing on any model (except for models sold below cost), whether in stock or available from an importer.

Payment:  Payment for currently available models may be made by VISA or Mastercard, Paypal, or pre-paid before shipment with a cash form of payment, such as personal checks, money orders, cashier's check, or certified check.  The pricing for reservation items is on a cash or equivalent basis.  A credit card may be used for reservation items, but will require an additional charge of 3% (three percent) of the order, plus shipping, to cover the cost of credit card processing.  Use of Paypal on reservation items will require a charge of 4% (four percent) of the order, plus shipping, to cover the Paypal fees.  Any pre-paid orders may be paid with a personal or corporate check. Orders paid with a personal or corporate check will not be shipped until the check has cleared.

Reservations:  Reservations may be made for any future or proposed delivery item.  We do require some form of security to hold a reservation for a customer, and this can be handled in one of two ways.
  *  The customer can prepay a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of ordering, subject to the reservation payment terms listed above in the pricing section of this help text.   Please note that this deposit would be refunded if the model ordered is canceled or otherwise not deliverable.  
  *  The customer can provide a valid credit card number and agree to the following: By placing a reservation, the customer agrees that we may charge a cancelation fee of 20% if a model is not picked up within 30 days of the receipt of the model by BPL (excluding layaway items and other payment schedules.)
    Please Note: The 20% restocking fee for failure to pickup a reserved model applies to any orders not secured by a prepaid cash deposit.
   Please note that many projects will have a status of 'TBA' or a year reference of 4 digits.  These are usually indications of a model means whose delivery is 'To Be Announced' or, at some unknown time in the future.  These are generally proposed projects for model production.  While the year referenced items may come sooner rather than later, all of these items are in the planning stages and may take years to produce or may not be produced at all, but may be canceled for lack of interest.  We do recommend placing reservations on these distant delivery and/or proposed items, since this helps to provide an indication of interest to the importer.

How to Order:  We do not currently have a 'web based' ordering system.  Most of the models sold have been preceded by questions from the customer to clarify any of a multitude of issues that help define just what the model represents and whether it fits the customers needs.  Because of this, orders are handled through email  at and/or the telephone at (262) 375-1107.  Just send us a message or call with your request.  We will handle the appropriate checking and provide the best customer care to help you get just the model you require.

Consignment:  We do accept items for consignment. Your model will be listed in one of our monthly print ads if space is available.  Each item will also have an individual entry in our on-line model listing.  The model may remain on our site for up to 6 months.   We require a commission of 20% (twenty percent) of the total purchase price of the model as payment, IF the model is sold. There is no charge for a text only placement of a consignment listing.  One or more photographs may be included with the listing (photographs are the number one item that helps sell an item.) We charge a handling fee of $1.00 per picture for this addition.  If you would like us to take the photograph in our modern digital photographic studio, we charge an additional $1.00 for each picture taken.  This would mean a total charge of $2.00 for photographs we add to your listing.

Layaway:  We do accept requests for layaway payment terms. For reservation items, payments may be made for any time before receipt of a model and up to 6 months after the date in which we receive a model from an importer. Payments made before our receipt of a model will not be charged interest. Any sales amount remaining after our receipt of a model will be charge interest at a rate of %1.5 (one and a half percent) per month until the total amount for the model is paid.
    We also accept layaway requests for in stock items.  Interest is waived on the first month that we hold a model.  After the first month, interest is charged at a rate of %1.5 (one and a half percent) per month until the total amount for the model is paid.  We prefer to keep the length of time for a layaway to 6 month maximum, but will consider an extension for unusual situations, such as an exceptionally large dollar amount order.
    For any layaway situation, payments must be made consistently (at least monthly) and must be in proportionate dollar amounts.  The customer may also pay early on any layaway at any time to reduce their interest costs and pay off a model more quickly.  If you have any questions about your specific request, please contact us, we can work out a schedule for your purchase over time.

Shipping and Other Costs:  The cost of shipping and insurance will be charged to the purchaser with a minimum charge of $8.00 for single item shipments in the United States. Our primary shipper is UPS and most international orders are delivered through the United States Post Office.  We can handle other delivery services in conjunction with specific customer requests.
    International orders will be charged any taxes, tariffs, duties or other government levies that would apply to exports from the United States and are charged in the United States, which as of this time are $0. Knowledge and payment of any taxes, tariffs, duties or other governmental levies that apply in the destination country are the sole obligation of the purchaser.

Sales Tax:  Wisconsin residents must pay sales tax which is levied at between 5% and 5.6% depending on the destination county of the shipment.

Returns and Restocking Fee:  Our goal is a customer who is happy with the model they purchase.  Toward this end we will work to correct any deficiency that may appear in a model.  We do ask that customers review their purchase as soon as it is received and must inform BPL within 7 days of receipt that there is a problem.  If there is a issue with a model, such as significant flaws in the paint work or serious operational problems (the darn thing Just Won't Run!) we will be happy to help correct it at no charge.  Please note though that the customer will have to pay for shipment back to BPL.  We do ask that customers understand that brass models are not, by necessity, perfect, but are meant to be representations of particular pieces, with the inherent limitations of scale reduction.  Therefore, returns for issues such as 'wrong era for my layout', or 'did not want that specific lettering' will require a 20% restocking fee.

Other Terms:  Due to the limited run nature of brass models and subsequent limited availability, models listed may be sold out. We require a minimum order value of $25.00. We reserve the right to change prices and terms without notice. Models listed my already be sold out. All prices are in United States Dollars.  All models may be returned within 30 days, but will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  All purchases for items on sale or consigned are considered final and not returnable.

Notice:  All railroad logos shown are the property of that railroad or its assigns.  Logos are shown for information purposes only.  All commercial photographs shown are the property of their respective owners.  Any misuse is not intentional and claims for damages will be limited to the removal of offending materials from this web site.