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Web Site Re-Launch

If you are reading this, you have found the new version of the BPL / web site.  After several years of false starts and re-designs - well, thjs is the best we could do!  Actually, I think that you will find quite a bit that is the same.  My goal was to re-create the existing functionality of the original site, but in newer, current technology.  The site design and function had evolved over the years based on my own interests and preferences.  The original dated back to the very start of the internet, acting as a functional tool for the general public to find information and commerce.  Many pieces were created from scratch to provide functions that are now readily available in pre-built packages.

My life, like most, has grown and changed and I reached a point where I did not have the time to run several businesses and try to program a web server.  I have handed off the inside chores to a web development company (  This will allow me to provide the data updates, new project references, collections and some commentary in this blog.

Much about the success of BPL is due to you out there, the customers and browsers who visit the site from time to time.  I would like to thank you for the great progress of the past and for the energizing future ahead.  You are a key part of this site and its progress.  So, I will ask you for some help - if you find something that does not look quite right, or have an idea how something could work better, be done differently, or something new you might like - please let me know!  As with any transition, I expect some bumps in the road.  For example, I know that there are some pictures that did not make move - those will be filled in as we go along.

But also note that are some new features and refinements.   Better user account structure and access, cleaner listing displays with larger picture access and additional data presentation, especially through the Projects page.  I am also hopeful that there can be more input from all of you who are fans, collectors and operators of brass railroad models.  Let me know and we can grow together!    Thomas

Published: 9/23/2013