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Latest Additions

ATSF Tank cars - Post auction


A few years back, Division Point produced an excellent set of Santa Fe company service tank cars. We recentlly watched an auction where a number of these cars were sold, fetching prices from $350 to $400 each, not including buyers premium. BPL has a few of these pieces still available. As winter passes in this post holiday time, we are happy to provide you a number of these same cars at even better pricing. Take a look and let us know which will work for you!


Holiday Sale Winter 2019-2020


We hope all of you have had a blessed and peaceful holiday season.  After a busy December, we are taking a rest for the new year coming up.  Now that you have the gifts from your loved ones in hand, we would like to let you get something on your own terms.  BPL has a SELECTION of models on sale for the post Xmas break.   We will keep these going into the new year (even we don't know how long.)    Check them out and let us know what you might like.  If there is something not on this list but on the site, ask about that too as we have also done some pricing updates (down and up).  You never know just what will suddenly become available!   Enjoy! 


UTI EMD E unit delivery 2019 Nov


Pick up notices have been received from Union Terminal Imports for the EMD E7/8/9 diesels for IC, SP and Wabash.   These should be in our hands in a few weeks.   There are still a few units available for IC and Wabash and a single A unit for SP.  (11/30/2019 check listings for latest updates)


DP C&O M-1 delivery 2019 Oct


C&O M-1 Steam Turbines have arrived from  Division Point.  These models have been produced with full DCC and Sound installed for a fully immersive operation out of the box.   11/11/2019 - Several models are still available from DP - contact us for more information.


NYC Pacemaker - TCY


The NYC Pacemaker sets and individual cars will soon be in  our hands.   Those with previous reservations should have received their notices.   Coach Yard is currently still showing availability on most of the cars and the two tone gray sets.  The Pacemaker Green sets are sold out.


UTI - Krasse-Maffei delivery


The Krauss-Maffei hydraulic engines will be arriving in January.   These models from Union Terminal Imports have built on the rich history of the cab engines to provide the finest detail ever produced in this line of motive power.

10/17/2019 - Our original orders are now sold out - we do have a private sale unit available: UTI-5120-1


TCY - PRR Trailblazer, Jeffersonian Jan 2019


4/21/2019 - Most models are sold out.  A few sets and some of the horse cars are still available

The Coach Yard is expecting delivery of models for the PRR Trailblazer & Jeffersonian trains, as well as a variety of additional heavyweight cars.   This group of cars will include a number of horse cars and specialized scenery cars.  Some are sold out, so please contact us to check availability of pre-ordered inventory.


D&RGW K-37s DIV 2018 Oct


4/21/2019 We have one green boiler #492 in stock.

Division Point is serving up A treat for narrow guage fans.  They have finished up with a production of D&RGW K-37 2-8-2s in HOn3. These are very limited in quantity, some models had only 2 pieces produced.   while several are sold out, both black boiler and green boiler models can still be obtained, so get yours soon.


Alco RS engines - 4th run - DP


With their close arrival, Division Point will be adding to our latest additions with delivery of the 4th run of Alco RS Diesels.  The listing contains all of thge latest updates.   The models are moving along and there is now one sell out in the group.  We are sure that others will disappear soon, so please review the listings and let us know which models you would like to obtain.

8/27/2018 - The project is sold out at DP - we do still have a few pieces available.   Please check the listings and let us know.


Texas Zephyr delivery July 2018 TCY


The Coach Yard has been busy, with the delivery of the Texas Zephyr project.  This 1940s train ran from Denver to Ft Worth and Dallas.  The project includes specific northbound and southbound 9 car sets.   There are also a number of individual lightweight and heavyweight cars including some rare betterment sleepers in Aluminum finish.

Also produced in this project is a SP Research & Test car, adapted from a LW 10-6 sleeper.