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Latest Additions

DP EMD NW-5 2021 Jan


Coming in soon will be the EMD NW-5 diesel engines for BN and GN from Division Point. We have the pickup notice in hand for these 1,000 hp (750 kW) road switchers and will be sending requests to those with reservations. We do still have a couple additional units available.


Alco RS engines for GN, SP - DP - 2020 Dec


A quick delivery notice - we have in stock a short run of Alco RS engines for GN and SP from Division Point. The GN units have not previously been produced.  There are both Gothic lettering and Roman lettering available.   The SP units are in the Black Widow scheme with both high and low wing placement schemes.


Milw Road Bi-polars - Facebook - 2020 Dec


We have some beautiful Miwaukee Road Bipolar Electrics in stock. Versions are available from both the Overand Models and Precision Scale runs.

We added a comment about these models to a posting on Facebook referencing the Bi-polars. For the remainder of 2020 we will give you 15% off of the price if you can tell us the paint scheme and road number of the engine in the picture of the posting. Best of luck and all our warmest regards to you this Holiday Season!


TCY B&O National Ltd 2020 August


The pickup notice has been received from The Coach Yard for the B&O National Limited.  Representing the 1940s rebuild era, this project includes east and west bound versions of the train, a 3 car add-on set, and a variety of individual cars.


TCY ATSF passenger cars 2020-Aug


The Coach Yard Has shipped Santa Fe passenger models for 2 projects:

We have received an additional shipment and have a number of otherwise sold out models available.   This includes the exquisite, and never before produced, Mountaineer business car.   Check the listings for more information and pictures.   (10/12/2020)


Cabooses for BN, NP, SP&S - NBL 2020 June


North Bank Line has finished the production of the steel cabooses for BN, NP and SP&S.  These should be arriving soon.   As with most of the recent projects, some versions are sold out.   We have been able to capture a few for late comers, but these will disappear quickly.

(7/16/2020)  We have received the last of the available pieces from this project.  If there is are any you would like, drop us a line.



Alco RS / RSD / RSD Hammerhead - 2020 May


Division Point has shipped out their latest run of the Alco RSD diesels, including a variety of high hood 'hammerhead' types for CNW, LV, PRR and WM.  We have a number of units in stock, but, as usual, many are also sold out - so check the listings and let us know if there is anything you would like.

We were able to pick up a few more of the WM units, they are moving fast...  (6/19/2020)


UTI IC Trains and 10-6 Sleepers 2020-May


Two big projects have come in from Union Terminal Imports:

City of Miami - City of New Orleans sets and aditional individual cars for Illinois Central.  These are in the Orange / Brown IC paint.   Some cars and the add-on sets are sold out, but there are still some select pieces available.

General purpose LW 10-6 sleepers have also been delivered.  These were available for a variety of roads.  As with the IC models, there are still a select number of pieces available.


PRR General / Spirit of St Louis TCY 2020 April


It has been some time since the quality of fine scale models have focused on the Pennsylvania Railroad.  We now have in hand, from The Coach Yard, sets and some cars from the PRR General / Spirit of St Louis project.   We also still have acess to some additional pieces from the importer, as well as some cars and sets from the earlier produced PRR Trailblazer / Jeffersonian models.


BN / NP / SP&S Steel Cabooses 2020 Spring


North Bank Line has sent pick ups for their steel caboose project.   Versions are available for BN, NP and SP&S.  We still have availability on a few pieces, so please check the listings and let us know which you would like.