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Latest Additions

EMD NW-3 from DP - Update 2024-March


We have obtained some additional EMD NW-3 Diesels (GN, Anaconda, Clinchfield) from Division Point and are offering a winter special discount - save 15% before the robins arrive this spring!


SAL / SCL Silver Meteor 1956 era - TCY Delivery 2024-Jan


Update 4/7: The additional / last cars available for the project have been received - please check the listing for availability.

The Coach Yard has delivered their early SAL Silver Meteor project.  This includes 6 and 7 car trains sets and individual cars for SAL, SCL and RF&P.  We have one car left from our initial order, but there are still pieces available from Coach Yard.


North Bank Business Cars #2 Delivery 2024-Jan


Delivery from North Bank Line of the #2 Business car project should be any day now.  Versions have been produced for D&RGW, EP&SW, GN, SP, WP;   The pullman green D&RGW cars will be undergoing some rework and will be delayed until the end of February.   Please check the listings for availability.


EMD NW-3 Delivery - Division Point


The EMD NW-3 Diesels HAVE arrived (GN, Anaconda, Clinchfield) from Division Point (pictures added to listings).  We have had a couple versions sell out. but others are still available, so let us know what you would like before they are gone.


October 2023 Bonus


Bonus for the end of October...   This car is looking for a good home, so we are offering this SOH HOn3 tank car for free as a bonus with any purchase over $250.   Good until November 4, 2023.   You can use our search page to find your special model!


DIvisino Point Steam Turbine project 2023-09


The unique Steam Turbine project has been delivered by Division Point.  The NYC version is sold out, but we still have the GN and UP units available.  We also still have some units in the following projects:



SP Starlight delivery TCY 2023-June


Arrived! 7/21  Next in from the The Coach Yard is the SP Starlight project. We expect models to arrive in a few weeks. The project has a beautiful 9 car set and a number of individual cars - lets us know what you need.


TCY PRR Clocker delivery 2023-Apr


From the The Coach Yard -  the PRR Clocker project. Update 5/17: A number of the coach versions have sole out, but a handful are still available, along with several diners and some of the difficult to find parlor cars.


DP Deliveries 2023 Q1


Update 8/25:  The uinique Steam Turbine should arrive in a weke or two.   Check out the listing, along with the 2 previous projects from Division Point shown as follows:



NBL Business cars #1 delivery 2022-04


The first business car project from North Bank Lines has been delivered.  A couple of pieces are still available - including the unusual two tone green GN A-28.

We also still have a few weeks to get firm reservations on their second business car project - check them out and let us know what you need.