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Latest Additions

SP 1930s-1940s Sunset Limited


Fans of heavyweight trains have a new star.  The Coach Yard has SP Sunset Limited trains arriving.  There are 2 versions for 1939-1947(Southern Pacific Lines) and 1948 on (Southern Pacific), along with a variety of individual cars.


W&R Pullmans - Final Project


After 2 decades of the finest work, W&R Enterprises has delivered their last project.  The second phase of the heavyweight cars for NP and Pullman are now in stock.  These will help you fill in the missing pieces for your Northwest region trains, along with these baggage, postal and coach cars from the first section.


Alco RS units - 1st Run


The pickup has been received from Division Point for the Alco RS series engines.  This large project will be produced in phases.  The first set of engines will be arriving quite soon.  Plans are for the remaining engines to be done 6 to 12 months from now.


Frisco Firefly Passenger cars


Precision Scale has produced some very unique models of late and have now delivered the Frisco Firefly passenger cars.  These are a companion match to the streamlined Firefly 4-6-2 steam engines delivered in early 2013.


N&W Heavyweights Coaches


Division Point has been working on heavyweight cars for Norfolk & Western for several years.  The last pieces of this project will be arriving soon.  These PG class coaches will be available in both Tuscan and Blue paint schemes.  These will be a nice complement to the previously produced cars, including RPOs, baggage cars, diners and business cars.


Abraham Lincoln Funeral Train


The The Abraham Lincoln Funeral Train in HO scale from Precision Scale has been delivered.  The model is unique with its later 1800's paintwork and will be a rare gem, on par with the Centennial sets previously produced.


GN S-1 4-8-4 from PSC


We have just received the first shipment of GN S-1 4-8-4 engines from PSC. There will be a second shipment arriving in a couple of weeks with the vestibule cab version in Glacier Park paint.


NYC 4-6-2 Mercury / James Whitcomb Riley - 2nd Versions


The project pipeline from Precision Scale continues. Just arriving are the second versions of the NYC Mercury engines in HO scale. These are new paint versions and a 2 unit set.


HW Business cars from Coach Yard


Heavyweight business cars have arrived from Coach Yard. These are in two groupings: AT&SF Superintendent cars and Pullman Business cars. The Pullman cars cover a variety of roads, including AT&SF, CB&Q, CofG, NYC, SAL and a handful of private cars.


Frisco 'Firefly' 4-6-2


Deliveries from Precision Scale continue with the next steam engine project, the Frisco Firefly 4-6-2 engines in HO scale. Models have been out since the end of April.  We are sold out of the glossy paint scheme units, but can still provide the standard paint versions. PSC also has plans to produce a small Firefly passenger car set (production not yet determined.)