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Latest Additions

F-M C Liners from DP - 2nd Run


With the soft economy and the warmth of summer, new project delivery has been slow.   One project that did get delivered is a follow on to work done last year.  Division Point has provided the second batch of C Liner diesel sets.  This grouping of Fairbanks-Morse engines include units for CN, CP, LIRR, NH and NYC.


Frisco Streamlined Hudsons


The second project soon to arrive from Precision Scale is a set of 4-6-4 steam engines for Frisco.  To keep up with the marketing of the era, Frisco applied additional skirting and color to these engines.  This 'stream-syling' was a method of bringing attention back to the railroad and increase market opportunities.  NOTE: Most of the versions are listed as sold out, but there still may be an opportunity to pick up a standby request.


Milw Road G-6


Precision Scale has 2 projects that will be delivered in the next few weeks.  The first is class G-6ps 4-6-0 steam engines for Milw Road.  These models will have the same streamlined styling that came to define Milwaukee Road passenger service in the mid 1900s.  These engines are especially important for those modeling the secondary passenger trains, such as the Hiawatha-North Woods Service / North Woods Hiawatha,


GN / SP&S Early Cabooses


Filling in the rosters for our early era northwest modelers, North Bank Lines has delivered early truss rod wood cabooses for GN and SP&S.  There are 25 foot and 33 foot versions and are available in both mineral brown and bright red paint schemes.


AT&SF / SP Business cars


Now available from The Coach Yard are a series of heavyweight based business cars.  The first group is a secondary run of Santa Fe cars, these are follow up to a first phase delivered last year.  The second group contains cars for Southern Pacific.  The SP cars cover several different operating eras, from the 1950s to the 1980s.


C&O / VGN Allegheny Steam


We now have in hand 2-6-6-6 Allegheny steam engines for C&O and VGN.  These state of the art pieces from Precision Scale continue the work of Boo-Rim in producing new works of art.  The latest drive train machining and Swiss motor design provide a solid machine to carry an extensive array of refinements:

  • Lights for: marker lamps, number boards, cab interior, headlight, backup, coal bunker, water deck, ditch lights
  • Extensive details including complete cab interior, cab curtains and full brake rigging
  • Working details: sliding roof hatch, turret cover, tender water hatches, stoker door, cab windows
  • Display switch - will turn the motor off, so you can display the engine on track, apply power to show the lights, but hav the engine remain stationary

Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners - First Run


After several years of delays, and a change in builders, Division Point has produced the first part of the F-M C Liner diesels.  This first batch includes models for NH, Milw and PRR.    The second batch is probably another 3 to 6 months away.  This grouping will cover CN, CP, Demos, LIRR and NYC.


LV Streamlined Pacifics


Now in stock from Precision Scale are the Lehigh Valley streamlined 4-6-2 Pacifics for the John Wilkes and Black Diamond trains.  These engines epitomize the flash and style of the stream styled era.


NYC / P&LE H-10 2-8-2s


Needing improved performance from their H-7 class Mikados, New York Central and Lima, in 1922, created the H-10 class engines.  A larger firebox grate, a feedwater heater, larger cylinders, lightweight rods, and a booster created an engine that could both out-pull and out-run the H-7.  Division Point has used the latest in production techniques to produce its own version of superior H-10 2-8-2s.


SP 'Sad Sam' Mail train - Baggage cars


Southern Pacific ran a mail train on its coast route that was affectionately referred to as 'Sad Sam'.  The Coach Yard has delivered a variety of baggage cars and sets for this train and other mail and express service.  The sets have sold out, but we still have a variety of the baggage cars in stock.