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Latest Additions

The 1935 CB&Q Trains and Pullman cars from Coach Yard have arrived.  We still have a few of the Pullman cars in hand with many  lettered for Burlington service.


After a minor shipping delay, the SP Cab Forwards from Division Point have arrived.   We are shipping the early reservations and the late purchases and should have all on their way by the end of the week.   We have several pieces still available, check the listings and get yours before they all are sold!


The sets are now in hand!   Reserved sets will go out beginning of next week.   There are still a couple of the M10002 sets available, check the listings.   6/4/2021

The Coach Yard is a few weeks away from shipping the UP M-10000 Train sets.  In their short lives, these unique streamlined trains had a powerful impact on the traveling public, bring a unique Artr-Deco style to the rails.  All sets come complete with appropriate motive power.   We also have a special, limited edition, late version of the City of Portland which incorporates cars from both the M-10002 and the M-10004 / Only one still available!


What's New

With the fist run of business cars coming in soon North Bank Lines is putting together and new project.  Planned to fill their pipeline after the second run of business cars is a collection of wood side cabooses.  The initial grouping will cover: Western Pacific, Sacramento Northern, Tidewater Southern and WEyerhaesaur Timber Co.


Division Point has announced a new project - the production of several GN LW Trains. These will be the 'secondary' trains you have been looking for in the post war era of expanded passenger service and newer lightweight equipment.  They will represent the following trains - let us know which of these are the candidate missing from your empire:

  • International
  • Red River
  • Gopher / Badger
  • Cascadian

DP will is also planning to produce the correct EMD E unit engines for these trains.  These will be done a psrt of the up coming E/F unit project and will be sold separately from the sets.


Division Point is making good progress on the GN / BN Cabooses. The project is moving along with pilot models being recently finished.   We have extra pieces on order, so let us know what you would like before they are spoken for.  (image shows X-310, the X7 and the X-181)



Collection - 211106:  A small group of HO models: several steam engines, two diesel sets and some classic pullman sleepers.   Roads include: B&O, KCS, PRR, RF&P, SL&SF (Frisco), SRR.


Here is another small collection for your inspection.   Mostly HO models with a fun O scale steamer.  A bit more eclectic grouping for you.


This month has brought another fine collection of HO models.  Included in this gathering are several late model engines, a group of fine passenger cars and a surprise piece of maintenance of way equipment.



In the streamliner era, NewYork Central created and engine they names "Commodore Vanderbilt"   Below is footage from 1934 showing this unique J1a 4-6-4 Hudson in action.  
Here is another view of steam locomotive construction.  From the youtube website listing: Power to Order - Engineering and manufacturing steam locomotives at the Doncaster works in Britain in 1940s. With LMS 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive seen and used in WW2. Foundry forging in action. It...
Inside of New York City's Grand Central Terminal is a secret basement.  While virtually unknown, it serves an important and vital function.