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Latest Additions

4/21/2019 One engine has become available, please check the listings.

The Krauss-Maffei hydraulic engines will be arriving in January.   These models from Union Terminal Imports have built on the rich history of the cab engines to provide the finest detail ever produced in this line of motive power.


4/21/2019 - Most models are sold out.  A few sets and some of the horse cars are still available

The Coach Yard is expecting delivery of models for the PRR Trailblazer & Jeffersonian trains, as well as a variety of additional heavyweight cars.   This group of cars will include a number of horse cars and specialized scenery cars.  Some are sold out, so please contact us to check availability of pre-ordered inventory.


4/21/2019 We have one green boiler #492 in stock.

Division Point is serving up A treat for narrow guage fans.  They have finished up with a production of D&RGW K-37 2-8-2s in HOn3. These are very limited in quantity, some models had only 2 pieces produced.   while several are sold out, both black boiler and green boiler models can still be obtained, so get yours soon.


What's New

Division Point has a new project announcement and and 2 updates:

  • A new project announcement has been made for production of EMD NW-5 diesels - EMD's early version of a road switcher.  Basically a stretched NW-2 on a pair of B-B road trucks, it was given road-sized water and fuel tanks.   Versions are listed for BN, FSUD, GN, Mass Central and SRR.  
  • There are some changes to the SP Cab Forward listings - Several models have been canceled.  Also note, the engines are planned to have DCC plugs only, not with DCC / Sound installed;
  • The C&O M-1 steam turbines should be available for delivery soon - they have been getting the Sound / DCC installed.

The Coach Yard:  will have 3 projects arriving in the second half of 2019:

  • Expect the NYC Pacemaker first.  These late 1930s-early 1940s trains will be available in both Two Tone Gray and a NYC Green, along with a variety of individual cars.
  • Next should be the 1971 era D&RGW 'Rio Grande' Zephyr.  This project will also have several additional cars available, including the unique Alco PB-1 based #253 Boiler / Power car.
  • Rounding out the year will be the 1992 era AT&SF Employee Special as well as a grouping of ATSF LW Business cars.

North Bank Line notes:

The BN, NP, SP&S caboose project is progressing very well.  Boo Rim Precision has data packages for all 18 versions and they propose delivery for late 2019.  The project is fully reserved but totals can be increased until the final approvals of Boo Rim’s submittals.  Quantities will be set at that point.  It is anticipated take 30 days so production totals should be set by around mid June.

The model listings for the 2-6-6-2 articulateds (GN L-1 class, NP Z class, CB&Q T-1 class) have been changed.  Since Boo Rim Precision was hesitant to undertake the number of versions first proposed listings have been scaled back.  Please check the links for currently available versions and let us know what you would like.

Unfortunately, due to low reservation levels, the SP P-12 4-6-2 project has been canceled.



New in house from a recent trade is this small set of  O Scale Diesels.   These are all in very good to excellent condition.  These have been very difficult to find on the market, so don't miss your opportunity.


BPL has been asked to find new homes for a group of AT&SF steam engines.   These are all in very good to excellent condition.  Seller ismotivated, so reasonable offers will be considered.


We have finalized a trade for a select O scale collection.  Included are some very fine recently produced models as well as some popular prototype pieces.   This includes a UP Big Boy steam engine by Key Imports and a full (engine and cars) N&W Powhatan...



Here is another view of steam locomotive construction.  From the youtube website listing: Power to Order - Engineering and manufacturing steam locomotives at the Doncaster works in Britain in 1940s. With LMS 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive seen and used in WW2. Foundry forging in action. It...
Inside of New York City's Grand Central Terminal is a secret basement.  While virtually unknown, it serves an important and vital function.    
Part of the fun in models is understanding the construction.  This also applies to the real world.  It is fascinating and a good lesson to see how the prototype rail industry controls and builds its environment.  Here is an example of trackwork in the urban environment of San...