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Latest Additions

The uinique Steam Turbine project has been delivered by Division Point.  The NYC version is sold out, but we still have the GN and UP units available.  We also still have some units in the following projects:



Arrived! 7/21  Next in from the The Coach Yard is the SP Starlight project. We expect models to arrive in a few weeks. The project has a beautiful 9 car set and a number of individual cars - lets us know what you need.


From the The Coach Yard -  the PRR Clocker project. Update 5/17: A number of the coach versions have sole out, but a handful are still available, along with several diners and some of the difficult to find parlor cars.


What's New

North Bank Line notes for September:

  • The #2 Business car sample models are in review - project has 17 unique versions for D&RGW, EP&SW, GN, SP, WP;
  • Vinegar cars production # are set,  project will have a couple unnumbered cars with decals included;
  • Cabooses for WP, SN, TS is being finalized, ecxpecting 175 models total;
  • The 2-6-6-2 steam engine project has been announced - engines for CB&Q, GN, NP and the singular 'Old Maude' 0-6-6-0 for B&O;
  • The #3 Business car project now includes cars for: CB&Q, CN, CRI&P, DM&IR, IC, ICG, MRL, N&W, WP;

We have been provided updated listing information from Division Point on an up coming run of D&RGW Cabooses - Plus 2 SP versions.  Current expectation for delivery is 1st or 2nd Q of 2024.


North Bank Line notes for July - Updated 8/21/23:

  • Potential additional cars (flyer) for third business car project listed below - CN, IC, ICG;
  • The third group of Business cars phas been announced - roads include: CB&Q, CRI&P, DM&IR, MRL, N&W, WP - several photos from NBL now added (7/8);
  • The #2 Business car group is underway - cars for D&RGW, EP&SW, GN, SP, WP - added in process production photos
  • Vinegar cars are moving forward - see listings for price info;
  • Cabooses for WP, SN, TS will be following the Vinegar cars

Look for NBL to re-announce plans for the following 2-6-6-2 engines: two versions of the NP Z class, two versions of the GN L-1 class and one version of the CB&Q T-1 class.  Production will be low at around 15 models per version.



Collection - 2023-September (update 9/20):  Just in - 2 GN business cars from NBL 1st project, very hard to find.  There are several cabooses for you, both HO and O scales.  Plus we have also included a rare Abraham Lincoln funeral train: BN, Chessie...


Collection - 2023-August (update 8/24):  Starting with a small collection of HO and O scale items, including difficult to find LW Prospector set. Models for: C&NW, C&O, D&RGW, GN, Milw Road, PRR


Collection - 2023-June: (updates 6/27)  Some rare HO steam engines and added several N and O scale cabooses.   Items for: CRI&P, CSX, NH, Milw Road, SP, UP



In the streamliner era, NewYork Central created and engine they names "Commodore Vanderbilt"   Below is footage from 1934 showing this unique J1a 4-6-4 Hudson in action.  
Here is another view of steam locomotive construction.  From the youtube website listing: Power to Order - Engineering and manufacturing steam locomotives at the Doncaster works in Britain in 1940s. With LMS 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive seen and used in WW2. Foundry forging in action. It...
Inside of New York City's Grand Central Terminal is a secret basement.  While virtually unknown, it serves an important and vital function.