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North Bank Update 2023-Sep


North Bank Line notes for September:

  • The #2 Business car sample models are in review - project has 17 unique versions for D&RGW, EP&SW, GN, SP, WP;
  • Vinegar cars production # are set,  project will have a couple unnumbered cars with decals included;
  • Cabooses for WP, SN, TS is being finalized, ecxpecting 175 models total;
  • The 2-6-6-2 steam engine project has been announced - engines for CB&Q, GN, NP and the singular 'Old Maude' 0-6-6-0 for B&O;
  • The #3 Business car project now includes cars for: CB&Q, CN, CRI&P, DM&IR, IC, ICG, MRL, N&W, WP;

DP D&RGW Cabooses


We have been provided updated listing information from Division Point on an up coming run of D&RGW Cabooses - Plus 2 SP versions.  Current expectation for delivery is 1st or 2nd Q of 2024.


NBL Updates 2023 July


North Bank Line notes for July - Updated 8/21/23:

  • Potential additional cars (flyer) for third business car project listed below - CN, IC, ICG;
  • The third group of Business cars phas been announced - roads include: CB&Q, CRI&P, DM&IR, MRL, N&W, WP - several photos from NBL now added (7/8);
  • The #2 Business car group is underway - cars for D&RGW, EP&SW, GN, SP, WP - added in process production photos
  • Vinegar cars are moving forward - see listings for price info;
  • Cabooses for WP, SN, TS will be following the Vinegar cars

Look for NBL to re-announce plans for the following 2-6-6-2 engines: two versions of the NP Z class, two versions of the GN L-1 class and one version of the CB&Q T-1 class.  Production will be low at around 15 models per version.


EMD NW-3 Diesels 2023-April


Division Point is working on a run of EMD NW-3 diesels. While mostly owned by GN, there will also be versions for Clinchfield and Anaconda Aluminum


TCY Update 2023 Feb


The Coach Yard notes for February:

  • The BNSF Theater car #32, WILLIAM BARSTOW STRONG has been added to the BNSF Business car project;
  • Due to painting delays, the SP Starlight project has been moved to May delivery;
  • The PRR Clocker project has been moved up and is expected in March

TCY New Projects 2023 Jan


To start 2023 The Coach Yard has released two new project announcements. Look for completed listings here for the following:


Vinegar cars from NBL


North Bank Lines has released a project announcement for a run of vinegar cars. These unusal wood cars ran across the US from the 1930s into the 1970s


TCY Restaurant car update 2022 Oct


Update from The Coach Yard - Re: the PULLMAN Co. Restaurant cars - NOTE: Many cancellations - see below:
The Pullman restaurant car project contains 6 types of cars with 43 variations that are unique to the railroads that used the cars.
The project is probably the most difficult project we (TCY) have done because of the ambiguities, the complexity, the exterior paintwork, and the Tail Signs.  The quantities per model will be as small as 4 units, making most models close to “one of a kind” items.
Given this complexity and the wide variances in reservations the following cars are going to be eliminated from production:
TCY 1460e – NYC YONDOTEGA CLUB, assigned to “The WOLVERINE” in Pullman Green (PG)
TCY 1463e – B&O DUQUESNE CLUB, assigned “Metropolitan Spl, in Blue/Gray
TCY 1463f – NYC "MAKETEWAH COUNTRY CLUB" / "SCIOTO COUNTRY CLUB", assigned Chicagoan/Mohawk/Water Level Limited, in NYC “revered TTGray
TCY 1463j-Pull” "CIRCUMNAVIGATORS CLUB", assigned PULLMAN Pool service, in PG
TCY 1463K – NKP "CARLETON CLUB", assigned Nickel Plate Limited”, in PG
TCY1464a – CGW "ROCHESTER CLUB", assigned “Minnesotan” , in Red w/Gold Stripe
TCY 1464b – SRR "ASHLAND COUNTRY CLUB", assigned Train #41 and #42 , in SRR Green
TCY 1464c – SRR "PEPPER PIKE COUNTRY CLUB", assigned PULLMAN Pool service, in PG
TCY 1465b – ERIE "WINDSOR BEACH", assigned “The ERIE LIMITED”, in PG
TCY 1465c – NYC “"INTERLACHEN CLUB" / "WINDSOR PARK”, assigned “Iroquois In PG
TCY 1465d – NYC "WINDSOR FOREST", assigned “Niagara” in NYC “revered TTGray
If you are willing to place an order for one of these cars, we can see of they can remain in the project..  The cutoff for final notice on these will be November 25th, 2022
Also, per TCY, expected pricing will be an msrp of $1495.00 due to the extremely small units produced, so expect reserve prices over $1,200


North Bank Update 9/28/2022


The second business car project from North Bank Lines is progressing well. Accordingly, the last day for firm reservations for this project will be Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Given the number of late orders that could not be fill for the last business cars please review the following project list to add any additional orders ASAP. After October 29th the production total will be set and there will not be any additional increase, the project will be considered sold out at North Bank, although we may have a few additional stock pieces available after that time.


New Facebook Account


We (meaining me!) have decided that life has changed enough that it is time to reach out a bit more.   BPL will now have a page on Facebook (@BPLBrassworks)  I may post often, or occasionally, or not for a while - as I can find the time.  I do hope to use it to provide pictures and links of our models, for our customers to review and enjoy, that they might not otherwise come across. You comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome.