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NBL Business car (#1) Update 2022-March


Just a quick update on the business cars coming in soon North Bank Lines.  The delivery has been delayed several times due to late detail and paint corrections.   NBL was hoping to get a partial shipment in in February.  They will have the bulk of the cars in hand any day now - excepting the CB&Q Roundup and the UP Selma which are still being reworked.   Your patience is much appreciated.


WP / SN / TS Wood Cabooses - NBL 2021-Dec


With the fist run of business cars coming in soon North Bank Lines is putting together and new project.  Planned to fill their pipeline after the second run of business cars is a collection of wood side cabooses.  The initial grouping will cover: Western Pacific, Sacramento Northern, Tidewater Southern and Weyerhaesaur Timber Co.


GN LW Trains 2021-Dec


Division Point has announced a new project - the production of several GN LW Trains. These will be the 'secondary' trains you have been looking for in the post war era of expanded passenger service and newer lightweight equipment.  They will represent the following trains - let us know which of these are the candidate missing from your empire:

  • International
  • Red River
  • Gopher / Badger
  • Cascadian

DP will is also planning to produce the correct EMD E unit engines for these trains.  These will be done a psrt of the up coming E/F unit project and will be sold separately from the sets.


DIV GN Cabooses 2021-Nov


Division Point is making good progress on the GN / BN Cabooses. The project is moving along with pilot models being recently finished.   We have extra pieces on order, so let us know what you would like before they are spoken for.  (image shows X-310, the X7 and the X-181)


NBL Business cars (2nd) Intro


North Bank Lines is hard at work on their first run of business cars.  Hopefully we will see these by the end of the year.

With the solid reception from the first group, NBL has issued a listing for a second batch of business cars. These will be a new set of cars with selected prototypes for D&RGW, EP&SW, GN, SP and WP. Please check the listings for planned versions and let us know if there are any you would like to reserve.

10/15/2021  NBL has added two cars to this project, including the GN A-22 with a Packard automobile.   Please check the listings and get your reservation in soon.


TCY Announcements 2021 August


Coach Yard Has sent us two new project annountments. If anything interests you, please let us know:



Updates 20210720


Several quick updates for you:

1)  The SP Cab Forwards from Division Point are almost done.   We expect to have them in August, hopefully earlier than later...

2)  North Bank Line has the business cars well underway and have a couple of pre-production samples in hand.   At the moment we expect delivery will probably be November.

3)  North Bank Line is also looking at a second run of business cars.   If you have any suggestions, please let us know.   Currently under consideration are the following:

  • SP 'Oregon'
  • SP 'Portland'
  • GN A22 (Louis Hill's private car)
  • Wade Pelzer's 'Virginia City'
  • 'Ferdinand Magellan' Presidential car

2-6-6-2T Steam Egines DIV 2021 June


Division Point has plans for a new production of 2-6-6-2T Steam Engines.  There are several variations, including options with auxilary tenders.   To see more about these, refer to Timber Titans: Baldwin's Articulated Logging Locomotives by Martin E Hansen, Steve Hauff and Dale Sanders - published by White River Productions


NBL Business car update 2021 Jan


North Bank Line has provided an update on the Business Car project.  The builder will be starting the production process soon. As such, final order numbers will be set at the beginning of February. If you are interested in reserving one of these unique cars, lets us know in the next two days. After that time, all requests will be standbys.


TCY New Projects 2020 Dec


Below are some additional new project listings from The Coach Yard:

Let us know what you would like to reserve.