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NBL Update 2019-Nov


North Bank Line has sent out a newsletter - the big announcement being the cancelation of all unscheduled projects.   Due to low reservation numbers, all of the engine projects have been closed out.   Still in production and to be delivered are the BN, NP, SP&S cabooses.  Many are now in standby, but we do still have a few versions available.


2019 Holiday specials #1


Sale / Specials coming up?

My schedule at the end of the year, especially in December will be busy.   So, in an effort to encourage you brass afficiandos to get your holiday shopping done early, we will be providing some encouragement in the next few weeks.  November could be your lucky month.

For now, let us start with an unusual opportunity.   From other interests, I have available an extra GoPro 4 camera.   It is in excellent shape and has 2 extra batteries and the charger.  This fine camera will be included free with the next purchase of $1,000 (or over) of any in stock item(s).  All purchase terms apply, including layaway.

11/3/2019 - We have a winner for the GoPro camera, so thank you for the kind customer and all of you that may be considering a fine model for yourself of for someone as a gift.


TCY ATSF LW Business car update 2019-Oct


A quick update from The Coach Yard

We just got back from the Hobby-Expo Show in Denver and have received our pilot models for the Santa Fe LW Business cars.

In SLC, we had the pilot for the Business car "SANTA FE" (prototype built by Budd.)  We wanted to enclose the car end for “in-train” service.  SamModel Tech was tasked to find a way to do this and came up with the solution as follows:


In Train

We are now looking for these cars to be available in the first quarter of 2020.


DP Update 2019 Aug


Division Point has a new project announcement and and 2 updates:

  • A new project announcement has been made for production of EMD NW-5 diesels - EMD's early version of a road switcher.  Basically a stretched NW-2 on a pair of B-B road trucks, it was given road-sized water and fuel tanks.   Versions are listed for BN, FSUD, GN, Mass Central and SRR.  
  • There are some changes to the SP Cab Forward listings - Several models have been canceled.  Also note, the engines are planned to have DCC plugs only, not with DCC / Sound installed;
  • The C&O M-1 steam turbines should be available for delivery soon - they have been getting the Sound / DCC installed.

The Coach Yard Update 2019 July


The Coach Yard:  will have 3 projects arriving in the second half of 2019:

  • Expect the NYC Pacemaker first.  These late 1930s-early 1940s trains will be available in both Two Tone Gray and a NYC Green, along with a variety of individual cars.
  • Next should be the 1971 era D&RGW 'Rio Grande' Zephyr.  This project will also have several additional cars available, including the unique Alco PB-1 based #253 Boiler / Power car.
  • Rounding out the year will be the 1992 era AT&SF Employee Special as well as a grouping of ATSF LW Business cars.

NBL Dealer Newsletter 2019 Spring


North Bank Line notes:

The BN, NP, SP&S caboose project is progressing very well.  Boo Rim Precision has data packages for all 18 versions and they propose delivery for late 2019.  The project is fully reserved but totals can be increased until the final approvals of Boo Rim’s submittals.  Quantities will be set at that point.  It is anticipated take 30 days so production totals should be set by around mid June.

The model listings for the 2-6-6-2 articulateds (GN L-1 class, NP Z class, CB&Q T-1 class) have been changed.  Since Boo Rim Precision was hesitant to undertake the number of versions first proposed listings have been scaled back.  Please check the links for currently available versions and let us know what you would like.

Unfortunately, due to low reservation levels, the SP P-12 4-6-2 project has been canceled.


DP SP Cab Forward Accouncement


Division Point has announced a new project to produce SP 4-8-8-2 cab forward engines.   With the help of Dr. Bob Church these models are expected to be the finest ever produced. There will be 3 engine numbers available for each class, and all will be in the “Post War” paint scheme with the Silver panel on the cab front. All the models will feature the large rectangular 220-R-2 tender. Models will be available Lettered with the Large “Southern Pacific” on the tender sides or in Black (Late) livery.  The ESU V5 decoders will be using the latest sound files to give you the true experience of hearing these engines as they were in prototype. The lighting will include Headlight, backup light, front and rear markers, stack light, firebox flicker, train indicator and number board lights.  Boo-Rim will be the manufacturer on this build, with a target minimum radius of 30 inches (if possible.)


UTI 10-6, IC trains project update 4/21/2019


Union Terminal Imports is moving forward with the Lightweight 10-6 passenger cars (A&WP, L&N, N&W, NP, PRR, RF&P, SR, WRA),  and the IC City Trains.   Reservations will be locked down in a few days.   Please check the listings and let us know immediately if there are any models you wish to reserve.   Once closed, all additional requests will be stand-by only.


NBL Update 2018 Oct


North Bank Lines has provided a Fall 2018 newsletter with the following notes:

There are a few minor updates to the steel caboose project.   There are about 250 reservations, so the cuttoff for the builder will be coming up soon.  If there are any pieces you would like, please let us know soon.

The SP P-12 project is very short on reservations and may be canceled.  If you would like one of these unique Pacifics, or know someone interested, please let them know so we can help move this forward.

The other projects are still in the early planning stages (CB&Q/GN/NP 2-6-6-2s, WP 2-6-6-2s, SP 4-8-0s) with revised announcement pages expected in the future.


UTI EMD E units - Update 2018 Aug


Union Terminal Imports has added several EMD E7 engines to their previously announced IC EMD E9 project.   There is a new unit for Wabash and several SP engines.  Please check the listings and let us know if there are any you would like to reserve.