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2018 Summer sale


Oct 15, 2018  Sale is done - thanks for all who participipated.   Summer is progressing very nicely.  Like you, we're outside, not paying too much attention to the trains at the moment.  This is the perfect time for a SALE!   For an undetermined time we will provide an unknown discount for your purchase.  This will be a sale full of rumor and innuendo.  Just let us know what you would like and make an offer - we might be able to do that, or we might not.  You never know until you try.  (however, no layaways, payment will have to be in full - does not apply to previously reserved or requested models.)  (I know, we did this last year, but you folks liked it, so...)


Union Terminal Imports new listings 2018 June


Union Terminal Imports has released listings for 2 new projects as follows:

SP 'Slim Princess' equipment for HOn3. Coveringh SP narrow guage in the 1950s, this project will cover multiple types of equipment - steam, diesel, various rolling stock and cabooses.

NS Heritage Diesels - UTI will be working with the Marsh family to bring these 21 beautiful modern diesels to market.  Also available will be a special full set model to be delivered with a customer display case. 


Alco RS-2/3/4 / RSD-5 - Division Point - 4th Run 2018 June update


Division Point has provided an updated list for the next run of Alco RS Diesels project.  There are some adjustments, additions and model number changes.  They are moving quickly to production, so please review the listings and let us know of there is anything which you would like to get on reserve.


SP DH643 Diesel-Hydraulics - UTI Announcement


Union Terminal has sent out an announcement list for the SP DH643 Diesel - Hydraulics project.  The models planned will cover several timeframes, from original delivery through initial modification to final renumbering.  Also included will be a special 3 unit set with a bonus NYC research car.


PRR T-1 4-4-4-4 from GPM - Announcement


Glacier Park Models has finalized and announced a project listing for T-1 4-4-4-4 steam engines, one of the very unique steam projects put in action by Pennsylvania RR.  There are 6 different models to be produced, each providing a variation on the changes these engines exhibited over their short working lives.  Engines will come from the factory with Tsunami II DCC and sound installed.  Current delivery schedule is end of the year.  Check the descriptions and photos and let us know which you would like to add to your collection or layout!


Division Point update 2018 April 15


Division Point has just announced that they will be picking up 3 of the projects from the Precision Scale catalog (we will help you with updated reservations once we have the new model specifications.)  From DP:

The Seaboard Airline P-1 streamlined Pacific, the Frisco 4-8-2 Mountain, and the RF&P Berkshire (which will now include the Pierre Marquette, and either the early C&O or the C&NW Berks). I had announced these Berks many years ago and never got the reservations to build them back when we had to do 200 models of each! I am the “Berkshire King” as it were, for doing 6 or so various Berks for various roads in the past. These 3 were never in the pile because they are slightly smaller than the NKP or NYC models. I have to get into my research again, but I don’t believe any of them have been done before.
The SAL P-1 was used to haul the “Orange Blossom Special” between the Left and Right coast of FL after the “E’s” were cut off. They had 2 engines streamlined for this service, and we’ll do both.
Don’t know too much about the Frisco engines, except that he had listed 7 versions…we’ll do 2 or maybe 3 including the semi streamlined version.


Precision Scale closing 2018-April


Our friends at Precision Scale are closing out their business activities.   They have recently sold their operation, along with their parts inventory.   As a result, all outstanding future project listings have been canceled.  There is a possibility that a couple projects may be picked up by another importer.  We will hold reservations for some items and will follow up with those of you who may still have an opportunity to obtain a desired model.

We wish Mark and Beth well.  They have built a strong track record of producing fine scale models for our enjoyment and have earned some time for themselves.


DP Center Cab project update 2018-April


Division Point has finalized the Baldwin Center Cab project.  Their have been some adjustments so check out the listings to see if an engine you need it being produced.  The overall build will see about 175 models produced in total.


PSC Update March 2018


NOTE:   See 4/10/2018 entry

With the extensive list of hoped for projects, it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention.  When numbers get close, it helps to take a look and get a reservation placed for the model version you would like.  Precision Scale has 3 projects getting close to release:

Follow the links for specific model options and let us know which you would like to reserve.


NBL Flyers 2018-Feb


North Bank lines has release flyers for the following 2 projects:

Follow the links for specific model options and let us know which you would like to reserve.