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NBL Update 2017 Oct


North Bank Lines has announced that the GN O-1 steam engines will be in dealers hands in the next few weeks.

Due to the difficulties with the production process on O-1 project, NBL has also announced that they will be canceling all other projects until further notice - as follows:

"At this point I am looking for some form of assurance from Boo Rim Precision that any future projects would be produced in a timely manner and that communication would be more forthcoming.  Lacking some form of satisfactory assurance I would not anticipate undertaking any further model production.

At this point please consider all pending future projects and current reservations cancelled.  If it appears practical to proceed with another project with Boo Rim Precision I will send a new project announcement to all current North Bank Line dealers.  A further announcement will also be made on the North Bank Line website in the near future."


Alco RS-2/3/4 / RSD-5 - Division Point - 4th Run


As the third run of Alco RS engines are being delivered, Division Point will be quickly following with an additional production in its 4th group of RS-2/3/4 and RSD-5 diesels. Many of these are additional productions of previous models, but with new road numbers or slight alterations / version details.

UPDATE: They have also added a project listing to produce 6-6-200 Center Cab diesels - last produced in 2004.


SP GP9 Passenger Diesels - UTI


Union Terminal Imports has released a new project listing for SP GP9 passenger diesels.  There are a number of models in Grey / Red and an additional piece that will be provided unpainted.


2017 Summer sale


NOTE: All Done - thanks for asking. Til next time... - Like you, we're outside, not paying too much attention to the trains at the moment.  This is the perfect time for a SALE!   For an undetermined time we will provide an unknown discount for your purchase.  This will be a sale full of rumor and innuendo.  Just let us know what you would like and make an offer - we might be able to do that, or we might not.  You never know until you try.  (however, no layaways, payment will have to be in full - does not apply to previously reserved or requested models.)


PSC new projects 2017 Spring


With the summer here, we are outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  While you are resting on the beach, enjoy these new project announcements from Precision Scale:


SP Cab Forwards in O scale from KMI


Key Model Imports has sent pickup notices for SP Cab Forwards in O scale.  These engines will clearly be the most detailed models ever produced of this elegant prototype.  You can see the refinement for yourself:

With only 40 models being produced, we do not expect them to last beyond delivery.  Please contact us immediately if you would like to obtain one of these unique pieces.

Update 12/28/16:  As of this date, we are informed that there are 3 engines still available from a total production of 75 pieces.  Engines are AC-11 #4252, AC-11 #4274 and AC-12 #4294.


TCY - UP 1939-1941 CoP Train


We received the following from The Coach Yard:

TCY 1395 – 1941 'City of Portland'  - a 15 car set, no power units
In 1941, The Union Pacific had reassigned the M-10004 train sets to become the City of Portland (COP). The 11 car articulated set was repainted and re-lettered for it’s new assignment. Three cars were added to the consist from the M-10002 COP and  EMD E3’s were assigned as road power.
The Coach Yard is commissioned to make a 15 car set for the “City of Portland”. We will build only to orders received by December 31, 2016.  Please let your customers know.  The MSRP is projected to be $10,500.00.

Update 12/7/2016:  Our understanding is that there will be 6 sets total prduced for this train.  At this time, there is only one set still available to reserve.


Milw Road Boxcabs, PSC - Update


We have the official pickup notice in hand from Precision Scale for boxcab electrics from Milw Road.  This project is quite extensive with multiple versions in 2, 3 and 4 units sets, as well as a variety of single units for you to assemble your specific consist.   The listings show which models are still available and we have the only remaining streamlined units for your purchase.


Coach Yard Update Oct 2016


The Coach Yard has sent out a post BrassExpo update with several pieces of news for you:


Division Point Update Oct 2016


Division Point has made a preliminary announcement that they will be producing Pacfiic class steam engines for CB&Q and FW&D. The FW&D engines #556-557 will be appropriate power for the Texas Zephyr project from Coach Yard. For CB&Q we will see 'S' class engines. Also on the move for Division Point will be the next batch of Alco RS engines. There are a variety of engines in the batch, so please check the listing for details.