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SP Rotary Snow Plows - TCY 2020 Dec


The Coach Yard has just announced a new SP Rotary Snow Plow project.  These plows were a fixture on the SP high altitude lines, such as the Cascade Mountains and on Donner Pass.   Two different eras will be covered with both steam and diesel powered models.


PRR Clocker train into - TCY 2020 Oct


The Coach Yard has just sent out a new project flyer announcing plans for the production of PRR Clocker trains along with a number of individual cars.

We will be working over the next few days to update our listings.


NBL Business Car Announcement 2020-Aug


North Bank Line has sent out a new announcement for a production run of business cars.  The initial listing has 15 different cars for BN, CB&Q, GN, MP, NP, UP and WP.   Follow the link to see the selection of cars.   We will be adding additional information as we receive it from NBL.

NOTE: To consolidate these notes, we have received a finalized list of cars in this project.  There are 24 total variations so read carefully and make sure the car you want matches your desired era. (10/23/2020)


Div Point NW-5 Update 2020 Aug


Production is moving forward on the EMD NW-5 diesels that will be delivered by Division Point.  If you were looking for something different like the Mass Central or Southern RR units, those will not be produced.  However, several additional GN variations have been added.

At this point, some of the specific models are in stand by.   We have reserved extra units of other versions and can still provide confirmed delivery.   Please check the listings and let us know which of these fine engines you would like - delivery is currently planned for end of the year.


DIV SP Mk-5/6 Announcment 2020-07


Division Point is going back to the future to produce new versions of an old favorite.  Over a 16 years ago (18?) they produced a run of SP Mk 2-8-2 steam engines in the 4,5 and 6 class series.   They are now looking to do a new run of addtional SP Mk-5/6 engines.   With one exception, these will be different road numbers that the previous models.   There will also be two versions with whaleback tenders.

These models will also be completely outfitted from the factory.  Not just DCC and sound but illuminated markers, number boards, cab light, firebox flicker and head and BU Lights,  There are very limited numbers of these that will be available and we are promised a wood engraved box for your model.  Follow the link to see the listings, along with images of each specific engine.


TCY UP M-10000 series update 2020-07


The Coach Yard has been pushing the development of the UP M-10000 series trains.  After another full rework with the builder, they have a new pilot model in hand.  The results are very pleasing and they have been doing some "field testing".

Please check the listings and let us know of there is a set you would like.  Some are in standby, but we may still be able to grab one for you.  Delivery has been stated as end of 2020, but will more likely be in the early part of 2021.


SP AM-2 4-6-6-2 Steam Engines 2020 Spring


While they have scaled back their work, North Bank Line is looking to produce a run of SP AM-2 Class 4-6-6-2 steam engines.  This is a re-announcement of work they have been talking about a few years ago.   Production will be very limited with quantities in the range of 20 pieces per version.  The current listing has 3 specific prototypes which will be produced.

If there is interest shown, there are research materials available for several other engines.  We would need to see demand for a certain minumum on those.  If you have a group which would like to learn more, please let us know. 


DP NW-5 and Cabooses 2020-Feb


Division Point has provided an update to the listings for the EMD NW-5 project.  There are two new additions and several deletions.  Please check the latest and let us know which version(s) you would like.

They have also added a BN and GN caboose project to complement the diesels.  This will include the unique 'Hutch' branch version and a model with three cabooses.  


Union Terminal Update 2020-Jan


Having received the EMD E Unit diesels from Union Terminal Imports we are now awaiting the IC Trains (City of Miami City of New Orleans) which should start arriving within weeks.

Expected up next are the Alco DH 643 diesels. One change in this project is that the 3 unit set will not have the NYC test car due to a lack of appropriate data to build it correctly.

Progress is also being made on the SP narrow guage project (engines and rolling stock), UTI having to recover from the lose of the pilot models by the shipping service. No delivery timeframe has been determined.

UTI has is also now working on a re-run of the DODX flat cars produced a few years ago. These will be produced with different road numbers. There will also be extra trucks available for those interested. We will update model specifics in a few days. These are currently expected by the end of 2020.


Division Point Update 2020-Jan


Division Point's latest newsletter has some interesting teasers for you about upcoming projects.   Work is currently being done on Alco RS / RSD / RSDMsSP Cab ForwardsUP #80 Coal Turbines and Alco PA / PB Diesels. Progress is also being made on the NW-5 diesels with some new additions to the listings, including some GN cabooses (listings to be updated soon).

DP has also proposed a couple of new project ideas, including the following:

  • A small run of SDL-39’s for Milwaukee Road and Chile railroads;
  • The E/F project is also in the wings - mixed E unit and F unit diesels that ran together;
  • Espee MK-5 and 6’s - a follow up to the popular previous run;
  • The SP MM-3 is still in the works, and looking at possibly doing the AC-9

These are proposals right now, but give us your feedback and let us know if you are interested.