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WSLC Shays in O Scale from PSC


Precision Scale has provided a flyer with photos of the unpainted West Side Lumber Company Shays in O scale.  They are projecting delivery later this summer or Autumn.  They will only have painted units in the final delivery.  These are close, so contact us soon to get yours.


SP Alco PA-1/2 Diesels Announcement from UTI


Union Terminal sent us a new project announcement, as follows (4/13 please note that there are road numbers now assigned and a couple of adjustments (add/delete) to the listings): 


We are happy to announce a new project, Southern Pacific ALCO PAs. We know there are many PA fans out there and we count ourselves among them. Key and Overland have both done a couple runs of various SP PA models over the years. All are very hard to come by especially in red and grey with all the late life accessories and modifications. We are doing nine SP versions with multiple road numbers of each version. Each will come fully factory finished with lighting and DCC / Sound ready. We will only build to preorder quantities so please get your order in asap... ... We will add some photos to the web site as soon as we have permission to use them.


Coach Yard Schedule for 2015


The Coach Yard has finalized plans with their builder and have set the following schedule for 2015:



SP / UP Early Articulateds - Update


The Coach Yard has been working on a set of early articulated engines for N&W, SP and UP.  We recently received a pricing update and have changed our records accordingly.  These models will be an exceptionally good value and early reservations are starting to fill.   With the continuing improvements in the production process, these should be a step up over the models from W&R.  Make sure you let us know what you would like before it is too late.


T&P Hudsons


Precision Scale has provided some production sample images of the Frisco semi-streamlined Hudson engines.   These 4-6-4 models will be arriving soon, with several versions still available.  These are unique examples of the approach railroads were taking to update their image, a 1930s attempt to present a more stylish and sophisticated approach to the traveling needs of their customers.


SP LW Sunset Limited - TCY - Update


The Coach Yard is planning a production of the Southern Pacific Lightweight Sunset Limited train from the 1950s.   They have recently updated the project and there are now 2 versions of the train for 1951 and 1956.  There are some paint and detail differences, including different diaphragms.   Please check the listings and let use know if you have a specific preference.


Milw Streamlined G6ps Update - PSC


Precision Scale has been working on Milwaukee Road Streamlined G6ps 4-6-0 engines.  They set out some pre-production photos for your review.  This project is scheduled to only have 65 pieces, so these will be a bit rare.  Please contact us if you would like to obtain one of these exquisite models.

Based on additional customer interest, it is possible that a third version of the streamlined G6ps could be built.  The engine was originally delivered with no cab rails or step and had no Indian logo on the tender.  Later the Indian logo, rails, step were added. Both of these versions had the full skirting.   Please contact us soon with your preferences.


Wabash Bluebird - Union Terminal


From Union Terminal Imports - Very Important! - The Wabash Bluebird will close for reservations on August 9th. This will be the last day we can accept reservations for this project. Pricing for this project has proven challenging due to extreme fluctuations with Korea/US currency exchange rates. Pricing estimates are as follows. Single dome MSRP is estimated to be between $680 and $730. Single cars without domes estimated MSRP between $600 and $650 and six car sets estimated MSRP between $3920 and $4220.
Thanks for your interest – we expect this to be a very nice set of models.

NOTE: Check the listing for a few extra cars for: Amtrak, CoG, IC, MPN&W and SRR.


The Coach Yard - New Projects 2014


EMD E units


Union Terminal will be setting final numbers soon for their EMD E unit project.  Please check the list and make sure that you have your request in soon.