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Division Point Update Oct 2016


Division Point has made a preliminary announcement that they will be producing Pacfiic class steam engines for CB&Q and FW&D. The FW&D engines #556-557 will be appropriate power for the Texas Zephyr project from Coach Yard. For CB&Q we will see 'S' class engines. Also on the move for Division Point will be the next batch of Alco RS engines. There are a variety of engines in the batch, so please check the listing for details.


Krauss-Maffei engines from UTI


Union Terminal has reset their (SPKrauss-Maffei project.  Please check the new listings for the version which interests you.


Project annoucements from The Coach Yard 2016-04


The Coach Yard has put out new project listings for three sets of trains from NYC and PRR.  They are hoping to get these going quickly.   If you have an interest, please let us know.

Individual cars will also be available in the projects.  We will have more detailed listings up in the next week or so, but feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.


PSC Newsletter 2016-Feb


The first newsletter for 2016 is here from Precision Scale.  They have trimmed back their long term project listings. The following are expected for delivery in the first half of this year:

PSC has also added the following new project announcements:


Milw Road Boxcabs Update 2016-Jan


Precision Scale has provided several photos of pilot models for the Milwaukee Road - Boxcab Project.  There are quite a few variations available, including single units for you to assemble a unique consist of your choosing.  We are looking for delivery in the second quarter of this year, so get your final requests in soon!


North Bank Line 2016-Jan Update


North Bank Line is working on the GN and Spokane, Portland and Seattle O-1 Mikados with delivery now expected early in 2016. The bigger news is the cancellation of the projects listed below. NBL is working on new prototypes for potential production.  The CB&Q / GN / NP 2-6-6-2 engines are still in process with delivery pushed out to 2017. Canceled listings:



GN / SP&S O-1 2-8-2s from NBL


North Bank Line has sent out a newsletter headlined September 2015.   They are starting production on the O-1 Mikado steam engines for Great Northern and Spokane, Portland and Seattle. The project has both standard (black boiler) and Glacier Park scheme paintwork.  While the engines are all fully reserved at North Bank, we do have several extra engines on order.  There are also some extra auxiliary water tenders being produced, which also still available to reserve.


Precision Scale Update - 2015 Summer


The summer 2015 newsletter is out from Precision Scale.  Here are the expected deliveries for the remainder of this year:

The following are new project announcements.  If you would like to keep track of these or setup a reservation request, please let us know:



WSLC Shays in O Scale from PSC


Precision Scale has provided a flyer with photos of the unpainted West Side Lumber Company Shays in O scale.  They are projecting delivery later this summer or Autumn.  They will only have painted units in the final delivery.  These are close, so contact us soon to get yours.


SP Alco PA-1/2 Diesels Announcement from UTI


Union Terminal sent us a new project announcement, as follows (4/13 please note that there are road numbers now assigned and a couple of adjustments (add/delete) to the listings): 


We are happy to announce a new project, Southern Pacific ALCO PAs. We know there are many PA fans out there and we count ourselves among them. Key and Overland have both done a couple runs of various SP PA models over the years. All are very hard to come by especially in red and grey with all the late life accessories and modifications. We are doing nine SP versions with multiple road numbers of each version. Each will come fully factory finished with lighting and DCC / Sound ready. We will only build to preorder quantities so please get your order in asap... ... We will add some photos to the web site as soon as we have permission to use them.